Mud Brick Manufacturers
Agarwal & Co. Brick Kiln
Shri Mahendra Kr. Gupta established Agarwal & Co. Brick Kiln in 1949 after acquiring it from its British owners. At the time of initiation, we started with a capacity of 25 lakh bricks per year. With technological development in the Brick industry, we have moved to a flourishing estimated capacity of 45 lakh bricks a year. We cater to 4 different qualities of bricks, using the highest grade in mud and sand namely:
  • I Class (Avval)
  • II Class (Doyam)
  • III Class (Soyam)
  • Over Burnt (Baldaar)
  • We are proud Executive Members of All India Brick and Tile Manufacturers Federation, India and Uttar Pradesh Brick and Tile Manufacturers Federation. Our Managing Director, Pradeep Kr. Gupta highlights the dedication towards the brick industry as he holds the designation of Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Ieet Nirmata Samiti.
    Agarwal & Co. Brick Kiln adheres to all governmental and ethical guidelines for labor welfare and environmental welfare. We work towards creating fine quality bricks, keeping in mind the welfare of the environment. We have incorporated and invested in technology to reduce emissions from the chimney. Also, we promote labor welfare programs.
    Manohar Vihar
    Garh Road
    Hapur – 245101
    Uttar Pradesh-India
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